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Anderson Band Pot seedlings for bonsai forest or clump workshop.

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At our March 25, 2023 meeting we will be doing a forest workshop led by Dan White and Anne Jacobs. We will work together as a group to learn about and assemble 2nd-year seedlings into forest or clump arrangements. There will be a talk and powerpoint presentation and then we’ll assemble forest/clump plantings. This is intended to be a fun learning event!

There is no charge for the workshop but you will need to purchase your own trees, which are being acquired through one of the Willoway Nurseries suppliers. Trees are only $3.50 each!

Because of the need to get orders placed well in advance we need to get our order in soon. If you want to participate in the workshop, or just want some seedlings to experiment with, please place your order by Sunday, September 4th. There is no limit on how many you can buy. Forests are usually made up of an odd number of trees and commonly contain 7, 9, or 11 trees. Forests traditionally only have one species but you are welcome to buy more than one kind of tree and make multiple forests or clumps.

You must pick up your trees the day of the workshop or make arrangements with Dan White for another time. They will not be brought to multiple meetings.

Varieties available include:

Carpinus betulus – European Hornbeam
Celtis occidentalis – Hackberry
Tilia cordata – Littleleaf Linden
Zelkova serrata – Japanese Zelkova

These seedlings will be approximately 1/4″ in caliper (subject to availability) and 18″-24″ tall. We will trim them during the workshop. They come in Anderson Band Pots which allow for a better developed root system and increase the chances of survivability over bare-root. A sample picture is above. Descriptions are available by selecting a species from the dropdown.

You will be expected to supply your own pot, wire, and soil of your choosing. We do have some pot suggestions below and will have limited supplies available for sale at the workshop. Anyone who has suitable pots for a forest that they no longer want can bring them to sell/trade. Club ceramicists are also welcome to bring pots for sale.

Please direct any questions to Dan White,

Pot examples:

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Carpinus betulus – European Hornbeam, Celtis occidentalis – Hackberry, Tilia cordata – Littleleaf Linden, Zelkova serrata – Japanese Zelkova