Todd Schlafer workshop


Todd Schlafer of First Branch Bonsai will be conducting a “members only” workshop with the Cleveland Bonsai Club on October 29th, 9am to 4pm. Participation is limited to 8 people, but anyone can attend as a silent observer.

(Photo courtesy of U. S. Arboretum’s National Bonsai & Penjing Museum)

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There are eight seats in the workshop. Participants should plan to bring a primary tree they wish to work on and are welcome to bring a secondary tree they can work on if they have time. You will be expected to provide your own tools, wire, and other supplies you might need.

Cleveland Bonsai Club members are welcome to attend the workshop as silent observers for an excellent learning opportunity. 

October 29th, 9am to 4pm

Rockefeller Park Greenhouse


About Todd Schlafer

When Todd began to become obsessed with Bonsai he sought out the best teacher in the United states which landed him with Ryan Neil of Bonsai Mirai. Todd began going to Mirai in 2012 and he continues to travel to Mirai to work with, and continue his education with Ryan. Todd went on to establish First Branch Bonsai in Lakewood, Colorado.

Todd’s goal is to teach and educate students at the highest level possible; not to cut corners. He keep everyone at a high standard. He wants to push Bonsai, think outside of the box and to collaborate with students to reach outcomes that working with others stimulate. Todd specializes in evergreen conifer bonsai design.