Where to Buy

One of the more frequent questions we receive is where one can buy a bonsai tree in the Cleveland area. To help answer that, we have put together some listings below. These are retailers that sell either what we would consider “pre-bonsai” (stock that has received some training and is well on the way to becoming a bonsai) or a finished bonsai. What it does not include are stores that sell mass-produced “malls-sai” (cookie-cutter trees of inferior quality). We are also not including mass online retailers such as Amazon or auction sites like eBay. We also stuck to a radius of roughly a two-hour drive from northeast Ohio for physical locations and only list vetted online retailers.

Note: the Cleveland Bonsai Club does not endorse any specific retailer.

Local Nurseries
Black River Bonsai
Ken’s World of Bonsai
Mulberry Creek Herb Farm
The Flower Market
Wildwood Gardens

Online Retailers
Bonsai Boy of New York
Bonsai Outlet
Brussel’s Bonsai
Dallas Bonsai
Eastern Leaf
Evergreen Gardenworks
Golden Arrow Bonsai
Meehan’s Miniatures
New England Bonsai Gardens
Wabi Sabi Bonsai
Wigert’s Bonsai