November 2023 Meeting

A quick administrative note: Beginning in 2024 we will start collecting annual dues in January instead of June. Anyone who joined or renewed in the last 3 months of 2023 will have their membership rolled over into 2024. Dues can be paid through our website or in person at a meeting. If you need to mail a check, please ask us for Marian’s address. 
This Saturday will be our final meeting of the year and it should be a lot of fun! First, we will get to see all the finished products of our accent pot making workshop. I’m told that all of them survived the glaze firing!
Second, we have a couple boxes of pots and misc. items that were donated to the club that Rob will be auctioning off. These are mainly low end smaller pots so if you’re just starting out or are growing out young material you should be able to get some good deals. 
Third, since we didn’t get a chance to talk over wintering last month, we will try to fit that in as well. 
There will not be a meeting in December. 
If we don’t see you, I hope everyone has a safe and restorative holiday season and look forward to another year of bonsai with you. 
-Adam Shank